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Mynrean Busts by Riftmaw Mynrean Busts by Riftmaw
Paint Tool SAI / Photoshop CS4

Took a lot longer than it should've due to my classes, but I finally finished it! This is a current spread of the baseline designs for each of the Mynrean ethnicities according to continent. I'm very happy with how the Mirn (far right) re-design turned out and I've added another sub-race, the Ajatan, since my last whack at a reference sheet akin to this in 2009 -- which you can find here. Oh, by the way, all the Mynreans included in this piece are male and technically bald, as far as hairstyles go. Mynrean females don't have horns, yep. Check out my map submission to get a handle on each of the continents if you're interested:

Here's a translation of the Mynskritt text below each of the mugshots:

+ Culture differs between industrial and rural locals.
+ Clothing style is a mix of Asian and Germanic.
+ Known to have relatively short tempers.
+ Fur patterns are similar to domestic felines.
+ Short stature with plain horns.

+ Culture is heavily aministic with hints of astrology.
+ Clothing style is very rural with Mongolian influence.
+ Known to be brilliant alchemists but distrusting.
+ Fur patterns are often dark with some heatering.
+ Tall to average stature with ramlike horns.

+ Culture has heavy Buddist and Latin overtones.
+ Clothing is based on wraps like Indian saris.
+ Known for textiles, spices, and herbal medicines.
+ Fur patterns are that of wild cats and often noisy.
+ Average stature with males having no horns.

+ Culture is barbaric and tribal with African undertones.
+ Clothing style is very natural with decoration in the form of trophy kills.
+ Known for their use in the Zaln slave trade, but mislabled as mindless desert brutes.
+ Fur patterns are lionlike with ranging color.
+ Stature is large and muscular with thick spiraling horns.

+ Culture is similar to Hin, but with Orhayn undertones.
+ Clothing style is a mix of African and Indian.
+ Also known as victims of the Zaln slave trade, but also as the first Mynreans to have primitive flight.
+ Fur patterns are taken from wild spotted felines.
+ Stature is average with large ears and narrow spiraling horns.

+ Culture is rigidly religious, isolated, and Patriarchal.
+ Clothing style is made up of robes with Catholic undertones and Renaissance flavor
+ Known for reserved personalities and their vast scriptoriums.
+ Fur patterns are albinistic, muted, and inbreeding is widespread.
+ Very tall and slender stature with a longneck and branching antlerlike horns.

Haa, so much has changed since then and my cultural/world Onenote file keeps expanding. I'm working on digging through my sketchbook and setting priorities for other concept arts to be finished now that I have a bit more time, so look forward to some full-body references, clothing, hairstyles by region, and other detailed things.
Also, I've also recently discovered that by submitting my artwork and ideas and all onto the web via deviantART, it's all completely protected by copyright law by default! So I'm thinking of submitting some of my text documents as well in the near future for your enjoyment, as well as to benefit from the copyright, hee.

All concepts and content discussed Karina Weber / *xX-purplecarrot-Xx
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TheHideousBirdchild Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
"+ Culture is barbaric and tribal with African undertones."

Africa is an entire continent; don't you think it'd be much more descriptive to specify some cultures that inspired you?
Riftmaw Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I should've been more specific, yes. Sorry about that.
For the Hin, I was most inspired by Kalahari tribes and native Bushmen, with some nomadic Saharan culture for the interior dune country. Some Hin, that live in the more stable scrubland ecosystem, have permanent settlements of huts and hunting territories.. but others are nomadic. And I've also taken other inspiration from desert cultures outside of Africa, and some tidbits from fantasy cultures, so that's why I said undertones, mmyep. I have very specific racial sheets concepted that go into a lot more detail as far as religion, clothing, morals, and everything goes.. I just haven't had the time to organize it all into a presentable form with classes and such, heh. And also, it's the Zaln and other Mynrean cultures that consider the Hin barbaric because of their lack of modern settlements, not because they actually are barbarians. They're tribal and misunderstood. <3

*writes forever*
DanMerrell Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think your work with the separate script is really amazing. I'm working on compiling a working language, because I'm at a similar stage in worldbuilding as you, but every attempt to design another alphabet has led to disappointment.

Tell me, did you construct a separate language as well, or did you just write English in your script?
Riftmaw Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist

I've already developed a spoken language for the written script, which is very closely based on Japanese grammatical structure, heh, and friendly to the vocal frame of my critters here. But for the sake of these reference sheets, I've used the alphabetic font I made. I've also done some basic concept work for script variants according to each region, but it needs a lot of work still.

My advice for coming up with a script of your own is to think of a shape you're fond of and then fill a few pages with as many variants as you can. Do it quickly, don't spend too long on any one letter. That way it stays dynamic! Then you select your favorites and tinker a bit with them... or at least that's my usual process. It takes a long time to get something you feel is just right for the world you're working on.

DanMerrell Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not a bad thought, I'll try it. The difficult part, I think, will be to set up characters that will match together in the groups that they belong in.
godofimagination Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
Are you going to make a full body chart?
Riftmaw Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I'm planning on doing a few, yup. I have the sketches, just need to scan and make them all nice and colored.
Invader-Sideos Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
So no Brit culture of protestant, stiff upper lipness? BOO.

Naw, I kid, tis awesome work yo, I think I like the Kodin the most, I've always like the idea of the roaming Mongolian warrior people.

I also notice they've all got horns apart from the Orhayn, who also don't have + signs next to their stats... THAT MAKES THEM MYSTERIOUS.
Riftmaw Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
The Zaln have some English hints here and there on the industrial side of their culture, what with all the departments and government-run agencies and stuff. But since the Federation is a military-driven organization, I've borrowed a lot of inspiration from WW2. Still working on things, though, heh~

Kodin are my favorites too because of the religion I've developed for them, a lot of which I'll be including in the game project; since it takes place in a border province, but I'm purposefully not being entirely specific about which one exactly. Border lands have a mix of rural Zaln culture and Kodin culture, which is a lot of fun to play with, heh. The Hin tribes are a lot more nomadic than the Kodin, actually, though, who do settle.. but small villages occasionally relocate according to seasonal shifts, which ties in with a lot of their festivals and such. Fun development stuff~

And the Orhayn are a bit different from all the others, both genetically and in their worldview, so both Kodi and Zal consider them to be exotic.. akin to how Americans have an obsession with island getaways, hahaha!

I have soooooooo much more stuff to make pretty so I can submit it here. I write forever... :,D
Invader-Sideos Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
I WAS ONLY JOKING D:... but if you really wanna add some Britishness, make their government completely ineffectual and overburdened with bureaucracy :D

Is there gonna be a Genghis Khan type figure in their history? Although I feel maybe he'd be more suited to the Kodin mythology than a real figure, the ideal myth that one day a mighty warrior will unite the tribes and their people will enter a golden age of prosperity.

They remind me just a little of the Airbenders from Avatar, in the sense that they seem far more peaceful, relaxed and maybe a little too removed from the rest of the world for their own good...

BUT, that being said, I love your worldmaking and I cnanot wait to see what you have next.
Riftmaw Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
The Zaln port cities are infected with bureaucratic fatcat nobles that control trade contracts, permits, licenses, and anything else that can socially and economically be done to keep the working class right where they want them.. doing all the hard labor for lousy pay. :,D

I'm thinking about implementing some legendary figures and such in accordance to each culture's religious beliefs, just to spice things up and to have a peek at a more ancient Mynreos.

And, yeah, in a way they are a bit too removed, but their belief system also predisposes the Orhayn to consider the good in everyone/everything, all that jazz.
Emo-Kittisy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
Our government isn't THAT bad...We're just REALLY ineffectual, not completely. ;P
Riftmaw Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
America, on the other hand.. :,D
Emo-Kittisy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
Is like a bunch of children throwing their toys at each others head?
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